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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 29, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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what happened? well, his coach has some thoughts. we'll hear from him in a bit. that and more coming up. but first, a check of the forecast. >> justin? >> we've had a couple of days at 90 or higher so far this summer. a lot of them were actually dry. this is most likely going to be the least comfortable day outside. let me say that again. the least comfortable day outside, today. 76 degrees to start this morning in stevenson. it already feels like 80. we've got high humidity. we're going to have some heat and we're going to have ourselves an added addition of showers and storms. across the area 75 manchester and eldersburg. 76 with showers passing through. we had a shower early this morning in annapolis, you're currently at 76 degrees as well. here's maryland's most powerful doppler radar. yes, we have rain, seems to be weaking a little bit, passing through howard county but ellicott city back through mount airy up through westminster and looks like reisterstown and owings mills at least getting a little sprinkle this morning, just to add a little glaze of wetness on to the pavement. showers and storms possible
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throughout the day. temperatures climb only to about 82. not that warm but it will be very humid and uncomfortable with showers and storms at any point throughout the day. some may produce some legally heavy downpours and some localized street flooding. 6:00. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. we're dealing with a serious incident on 95 southbound between the o'donnell street and keith avenue exits. we have all the lanes temporarily blocked because of the that earlier crash involving a passenger vehicle and box truck. emergency vehicles on scene now. if you can call somebody that is headed in that direction, tell them to hop off on 895 southbound or use the key bridge as alternates. also in the city, a crash still on the scene, north franklintown road and west fayette street and perry hall area, at necker avenue, left lane remains blocked because of emergency utility work. 95 southbound approaching whitemarsh boulevard, you can see we have slowing and building volume stemming from the crash further down 95.
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give yourself plenty of extra time us a make your way out. back to you. 6:01. as big as it gets in baltimore. >> one of the most influential business leaders in the city has been indicted. sherrie johnson live with more on city hall corruption investigation. >> reporter: a prominent developer who is responsible for harbor east has been indicted along with city councilwoman helen holton. the indictments come two months after similar charges against holton were dismissed. john paterakis owns h & s bakeries and again, developer of harbor east. a grand jury indicted paterakis. the state prosecutor says he gave city councilwoman helen holton $6,000 to help pay for a political pull. earlier this year holton was indicted on charges of bribery and perjury. a judge dismissed those charges in may and this time the charges that she violated campaign finance laws. after john paterakis -- as for john paterakis, a close friend
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told abc news he can't believe the prosecutor chose to target him. >> it's a sad day. but i'm quite confident that mr. john paterakis will be exonerated of any wrongdoing. >> reporter: helen holton's attorney released a statement saying in part "miss holton is innocent. there was no conspiracy and she's confident that this charge will meet the same fate as the earlier one." mayor sheila dixon has refused to comment on the new indictments. you can head to our web site,, to tell us what you think about these latest indictments. report live at harbor east, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. in baltimore county, councilman kenneth oliver pleads guilty to taking campaign money for personal use. oliver told a judge yesterday he made a mistake and there was no criminal intent there. but he was sentenced to 50 hours of community service. he'll also pay the $2,500 fine that comes with that. the democratic councilman from randallstown acknowledged writing two checks to himself totaling $2,300 from his
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campaign's committee checkbook. there are dozens more officers on the street in the same east baltimore neighborhood where there have been a series of shootings. over the past weekend that left 15 people wounded. police say that they have yet to make any arrests in these shootings including the one on ashland avenue where 12 people were shot. some residents fear that the visible police presence is only a temporary fix. >> nothing's going to happen while they are here. once they are gone, you know? somebody else will do something. it's inevitable. >> the police department says they will keep the extra officers in the area until they can make the arrests from this weekend's rash of shootings. but more police help on the way. the department is going to be hiring 50 new officers in the coming months thanks to a $10 million federal stimulus money. we're told the new recruits will be assigned to foot patrol in the eastern district. >> the police could get a
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relationship with the neighborhood. >> if they go to the right places i think that's better and not focus on where there's no crime but mainly on where there is crime. >> after the two-year grant expires the city will have to come up with the money for the extra police officers. a private memorial service is planned for tomorrow for the four people killed in the helicopter crash on i-70 last friday. they were returning from a business meeting in hagerstown when the robinson r44 went down on the eastbound lanes of the highway. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. separation of church and state. it's an issue that is sparking debate in howard county this morning. the glen mar united methodist church in ellicott city is asking the county to approve a tax-free loan for an expansion project but some residents say this is crossing the line. church members say the construction project would allow for more community outreach. however, people opposed to this say it's not the county's responsibility.
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>> that the county should not be in the business of church expansion, period. >> we did not build a sanctuary so it's not like we have this holy place that, you know, is only dedicated to worship. >> the project costs about $10 million but with the help of the county, the church would save about 1.5 million. the county council is expected to take up the changes to the measure this thursday. a final vote is not likely until early september. how do you feel? we want to hear from you. we want your two cents. head to where we're asking the question "should the howard county council help pay for the glen mar united methodist church expansion"? log on to look on the right side of the home page and vote in the on-line poll. 6:06. the national federation of the blind fed up with the baltimore city public school system. in a conference today they are going to discuss actions they plan to take against the
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district. the group says the school system failed to adequately provide for blind students. the latest on the investigation into the death of michael jackson. federal agents spent nine hours searching the home of his personal doctor conrad murray. the agents left with plastic storage containers, large envelopes and several boxes. murray's lawyers said the sealed search warrant authorized investigators to look for medical records related to michael jackson. and tonight on "primetime crime," get the latest details in the investigation surrounding michael jackson's death. the program will also look at the relationship between celebrity doctors and their patients. catch "primetime crime" tonight at 10:00 here on abc2 news. the city of philadelphia and football fans in general today are mourning the loss of a deeply respected coach both on and off the field. jim johnson died yesterday after battling a cancerous tumor in his spine. he was known for his complex defense and helped lead the eagles to one super bowl
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appearance and five nfc title games. baltimore ravens coach john harball was a friend and student of johnson. in his words "jim was a tremendous teacher of football and life." he was 68 years old. michael phelps' coach threatening to pull the swimmer from international meets. all because of what somebody else was wearing. he wants swimming's governing body to ban high-tech body suits immediately. this after phelps suffered his first major individual loss in more than four years. to a swimmer wearing the latest in high-tech suits. a decision has already been made to outlaw the suits beginning next year. of course phelps also was wearing the high-tech suit when he won the gold in beijing. until now he's often said that the swimmer, not the suit, wins 9 race. football has started and that shouldn't be the end of the orioles season but it's frustrating for fans to watch what happened last night. to be honest the orioles lost the game they shouldn't have.
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chance after chance to put this one away was lost. so was the game. as the kansas city royals won in 11 innings 4-3. there is hope, you just saw it off the bat of adam jones. jason burke did well. and tonight we look again at rookie chris tillman. if we do not see life on eutaw street our eyes will stay out in westminster. here's something you don't see very often in a baseball game. a father stretching for a foul ball holding his infant son and the dad makes the catch. watch this. never loses his grip on the baby. reaches out, makes the catch. holds it high, yeah, baby, points down to the little one. baby a little upset. maybe because michael young didn't hit it fair. so the father's efforts, when he's a little older he'll have the ball forever. that's great. >> i still don't know what to say about that.
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a baby in your arms? >> lazy foul ball. all right. we all forget things when we're in a rush, right? >> but you'll never believe what this family left in the cab after a vacation. a car crash that happened high above the city. plus, now you not only have to watch what you say but watch what you tweet. we'll explain coming up. 6:10. we've had rain so far today and we're going to have it throughout the afternoon as well. we'll have more with our two-degree guaranteed forecast, coming up. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> 95 southbound is closed between the o'donnell street and keith avenue exits because of that earlier crash. get off on 895 southbound or use the key bridge as an alternate. we'll be right back. two medium cappuccinos,
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a dramatic car crash, more than for stories up. this was the scene in new orleans after police say a car drove off the roof of a parking garage and landed on the roof of the building next door. the police say the driver hit the gas pedal and then crashed through the concrete barrier. the two people in the car were rushed to the hospital. investigators still trying to figure out how this happened in the first place. this is something that a
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home alone -- hear about this? >> a family takes a cab home after vacation, unload their luggage only to -- hey, where's our 7-year-old daughter? the little girl had been sleeping in the back seat. in the rush to get inside the family left her in the cab. >> two days on the road. very tired. very confused, you know? because we didn't sleep at all. >> so the cab driver brought the little girl home safely to the grateful parents. when you were 7 you might have cried or thrown a tantrum or faked being sick just to get out of church. >> nothing compared to what this 7-year-old did to get out of mass. the boy led police on a car chase. this happened in plain city, utah. police tried to pull the boy over. when he tried unsuccessfully to stop the car the boy managed to make it to the driveway of his home park the car, run inside the
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house. the boy's too young to prosecute but police suggested that the parents maybe make the keys not accessible to him. >> you think? >> probably a good idea. >> yeah. let's look at weather, here's justin berk. nothing like that when you were 7, right? >> never. 6:14. outside today. we got ourselves a warm humid one and 75 degrees. same story up toward new york and down towards norfolk. mid to upper 70s on the eastern seaboard. we've already had showers roll through earlier on. those of you in anne arundel county probably woke up with thunder and lightning. that passed through cape may and now near atlantic city, new jersey. we also have rain on the west side. it's been falling apart with heavier storms that did blow through northern virginia in the last couple hours but thunder and lightning passing their way on in through south central and western sections of pennsylvania. this is part of a band of rain and storms that will continue to regenerate as we head through the day. give or take the time frame, we generally got the plot midday with more showers and storms.
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there could be locally heavy rain producers, flash flooding a possibility. and yes of course the dangerous frequent lightning and thunder. heavy rain continues through the this evening and tonight at times. then tomorrow a warm humid day, partly sunny with scattered showers. we'll probably do it again as we head through friday. today, looking for 82 degrees. we're pulling back a little on the throttle with the two-degree guarantee because of the clouds and showers that already moved into the picture. again, the strong storms can be at any time from midday through this afternoon. tonight back to about 71 degrees with some more showers and lightning and, yes, even fog. as you check it out on in to tomorrow we're expecting to have that chance of showers and storms continuing under a partly sunny sky, highs will make it back up to about 89 degrees. it's 6:16 now. remember, you can go to check our interactive doppler radar. i want to point out a feature here. go to the bottom of the radar map and you can see global lightning data. pull this back a little wider and in addition to the rainfall
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you can actually plot the late e lightning strikes around the region. 6:16. here's kim. >> still dealing with the very serious accident on southbound 95 between the o'donnell street and keith avenue exits that has all lanes of southbound 95 blocked at this time. emergency crews on scene. you might want to hop off on 89 a southbound or the key bridge as an alternate because traffic is not moving there any time soon. we still have the lingering crash in the city, north franklintown road and west fayette street. in the perry hall area, expect the lane lane to be blocked because -- left lane to be blocked because of emergency work at bel air road and necker avenue. 895 southbound approaching whitemarsh boulevard, you can see the serious delays starting back all the way there. give yourself extra time or better yet, try to avoid that area altogether. back to you. he's back. dale horn, our financial survivor right here. wall street not bad. we're on a roll right now. what is going on?
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>> we have the best two-week rally probably since 2000. i mean, it's been impressive. this has all been the result of second-quarter earning which we're still in the midst of. for the most part we've seen the tremendous cost cutting that occurred in the last quarter last year, in the beginning, starting to really have a positive effect on margins. >> it's over, right? >> not yet. we've been facing two things that are really driving the economy right now. the first is the recovery of the credit markets. last september when all the collapses occurred and the credit markets froze up the healing that has occurred since then has what has been probably the most positive result we've seen so far. that simply means that banks are opening up their doors and lending more to businesses, people, mortgages are being slightly more accessible for home purchases. all that is good. the other side of what we're facing now though, and we've talked about this, consumer spending. the consumer is still gun shy. i think the consumer is likely to remain so until unemployment is not as threatening, let's
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put utthat way. 9.5, we're likely to go higher. then maybe settle around 10.8 and end of this year, beginning of next year. the economy will continue to recover. unemployment is sort of a lagging indicator, meaning it's a last thing to really improve out of a recession. but earnings have been great. so, the way i see it, if all this cost-cutting occurred and here in the u.s. we've been more dramatic about it than in say, europe, and unemployment is almost an example of that. unfortunately, we've had to lay off people to create a lot of this cost-cutting, but with this in place, as the market improves, as the economy improves all the companies are going to be more efficient. that should drive profits tremendously going forward over the next few quarters. >> every kitchen, living room, bedroom, everybody watching us out here, time to get back in the market? >> i think you missed a big rally for march. everything looked horrendous and i was -- we always talked about buying in this awful, awful days.
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we may still get some of those possibilities. we may still get some of those bad days and may get a correction out of this. i'll never be able to tell for sure because that is short-term market timing if you're in for the long haul take advantage of bad periods, and consult with your financial planner and make sure you're doing the right thing. >> certified financial planner dale horn with us every wednesday. thank you. still ahead -- on "good morning maryland," he thought this granny in a wheelchair could be an easy target. he was wrong. and, if you have ever used a tanning bed, you cannot miss this next story. start leng new information you need to know. but first we head up to new york with the latest business news with vanita niar. >> reporter: good morning. hopping your "moneyscope report" -- google is about to face the biggest challenge yet to its internet search dominance. microsoft and yahoo be expected to announce they are finally teeming up in a search partnership. microsoft has been trying to work out a deal with yahoo for
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years including an offer to buy the company. but even after joining forces the companies rank a distant second to google's search engine. more encouraging signs from the housing market, home prices rose in may for the first time in three years. but experts warn it will still be a couple more months before we know if the turnaround is real. this follows mondays numbers showing new home sales surged last month. general motors is ready to begin leasing cars again. the automaker will resume abandoning the program last year because of a decline in vehicle resale values. leasing accounts for about 20% of g.m.'s new car business in the u.s., providing financing, to help boost sales of more expensive models. the government's cash for clunkers program off to a fast start. driving up business at auto dealerships. how can you turn your gas guzzler into a $4,500 rebate? stay tuned to "good morning america" to find out.
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swindler bernard madoff gave his first interview since going to prison nor running a massive ponzi scheme. a lawyer for some of the victims said madoff told him he couldn't believe he got away with it for so long. the attorney also said madoff repeatedly apologized for the harm he caused his victims. michael jackson's memoir is going back into print. publisher random house says it will reissue "moonwalk" in october. the new version will include a fresh introduction by a mystery friend of jackson. the book was originally published in 19988 -- 1988 and sold about 5,000 copies. that is your "moneyscope report." i'm vanita niar.
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6:4. we have a rain shower pass -- 6:24. we have a rain shower passing through baltimore county up towards reisterstown. portions of carroll getting clipped as well but at any point throughout the day we have the chance of heavy rain-producing storms with dangerous lightning and thunder. we're expecting temperatures to hold back a little from our previous two-degree guarantee. 82, i'm expecting this afternoon with lows in the low 70s and we'll be very sticky tonight with impossible fog. tomorrow and friday 89 with some showers and thunderstorms likely. and we'll keep that threat of storms pretty much everyday through the weekend and early next week as we'll pull back a little into the middle 80s. 6:25. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> i'm getting word that two lanes on 95 southbound have been reopened between the o'donnell street and keith avenue exits because of that earlier accident. traffic is still going to remain slow from about the 895 split, you should still try hopping off on the key highway or 89 a southbound as you make
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your way towards that area. 895. that crash still in the city, franklintown road and west fayee street and in the perry hall area left la blocked for emergency work, bel air road and necker avenue looking at the cameras, this is 95 southbound approaching whitemarsh boulevard. you can see we have a little bit of a headache there. major delays southbound, just give yourself extra time before you head out. back to you. 6:26. people change their facebook status constantly. >> one teen found out the hard way that you better be careful what you make public. baltimore city councilwoman helen holton has been indicted again and this time another developer has also been indicted. i'm sherrie johnson, that story coming up. it's july 16th, and i'm julio perez
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with a look at the past 24 hours on royal caribbean's liberty of the seas. stingrays in the caymans gave the murrays a honeymoon to remember. ulrich from germany kissed a dolphin, right on the lips. back on the ship, the afternoon bridge action was almost non-stop. and finally, an ice cream cone was rescued... on deck 11. that's the news. i'm julio perez cruising with royal caribbean. why aren't you?
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good morning. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, july 29th. probably going to be another hot day. we'll check with justin in a moment. first, the stories we're working on this morning. there's already a beefed-up police presence following the bloodshed in east baltimore and many more officers on the way. courtesy of washington. and, a big name in baltimore business now linked to the ongoing investigation of a city councilwoman. the victim of nd


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